Spearhead Stud | Pushmataaha

$99.00 AUD

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Sterling Silver & Hematite


Inspired by the spear carried by the warrior Queen Majaji, these Spearhead studs are a petite interpretation of our Spearhead  Earrings, displaying beautiful subtlety with their intricate hand-carving and stone setting. Easily wearable and versatile, style them with multiple earrings for added effect or alone as the perfect staple stud.

A stone for the mind, hematite is believed to assist with mental processes – enhancing memory and original thinking and promoting unconstrained self-realisation. A metallic lustre makes for a bold statement and may almost be mistaken for a metal itself. Uncovered in a variety of different tones, from mineral coloured black to steel or silver-grey, the impressive sheen coupled with a neutral palette makes for a versatile and classic choice.