• Our artisans hand-craft every piece of Pushmataaha jewellery and we choose to work with the beauty of nature - as such, each and every stone chosen for our collections is unique in its form and will vary slightly in appearance.

  • The sterling silver used in Pushmataaha jewellery is natural and pure, and never rhodium plated. This means that our pieces develop their own unique personality over time, with a speckled patina of grey, golden or black-brown slowly enhancing the character of the metal.

  • If you prefer the original, brilliant shine of sterling silver, a simple polish with the provided cleaning cloth will quickly remove any patina or oxidization.

  • Stone can dislodge and gold-plating can crack if metal pieces are forced to bend. Please take care when gently forming any new piece to your wrist.

  • Cosmetics, perfumes and hair sprays can damage and alter the appearance, colour and lustre of metals and stones. Please avoid while wearing your jewellery.