Comet Ring

$250.00 AUD

Sterling Silver & Lapis


Two cylindrical hand carved lapis lazuli stones encircle the finger with their spiral sterling silver ring band, mimicking the light trail of a comet. Comets were considered protective gifts to the Pawnee, the sky god and prophet ‘Pahokatawa’ came to the earth as a meteor and told the Pawnee to ‘fear not the gifts from the sky’.

Prevalent in ancient Egyptian jewellery, and a symbol of royalty and wisdom, lapis lazuli is characterised by its intense, midnight blue hue and shimmering golden flecks. A combination of three minerals, - lazurite, calcite and pyrite - lapis lazuli is in legend said to ‘have existed before time was born’. An ancient stone reminiscent of the night sky and shining stars, this parallel explains its spiritual importance in connecting the physical plane with the celestial kingdom. Enhancing wisdom, intuition and the growth of psychic abilities.