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Bek Earring | Pushmataaha

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925 Sterling Silver Gold Plate with Faceted Amethyst


The beautiful Bek Earrings perfectly star the uniquely cut and faceted Amethyst stones hugged in Gold Plate detailing, together forming a irresistible pop of divine colour and shape to complete any outfit.  


A stunning stone, accentuated with our faceted cut. Amethyst is a beholder and motivator of fire and passion, all while mediating any unwelcome disturbances - it's known in ancient times as the mother of all calming stones, providing the ultimate tranquillising powers. Amethyst hues can range from pale reddish violet, to deep dark purple - our Amethyst sits in the striking middle - a beautiful rich lilac with optimum clarity. Wear this 'All Healer' and watch it come alive as it's facets catch the light.