Ra Ring | Pushmataaha

$295.00 AUD

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925 Sterling Silver Gold Plate with Citrine, Peridot and White Topaz


The stunning Ra Ring frames the beautiful centre Citrine stone by pairing mesmerising Peridot and magical White Topaz on either side, as well as holding all stones within the Gold Plate detailing which wraps around the ring. 


Citrine, a honey gold stone is of the sun, bringing warmth and life and encouraging creativity, stirring ones imagination and awakening self expression. Emanating positivity and joy, citrine lifts one out of depression and dark times and brings clarity to the mind. 

Giving the wearer happy energy and the feeling on contentment, Peridot is believed to be a gift from Mother Nature as it was created from the inferno of volcanoes. Peridot also encourages deep concentration and focus, thus why it is often called the Study Stone.

White Topaz is known to help you find your purpose and give you energy to begin that journey. Giving you clarity and understanding of your inner truth, White Topaz allows you to get to your desires faster by elevating negative energy and thoughts from your path.