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Spearhead Nubian Cuff | Pushmataaha

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Sterling Silver & White Agate


An evolved cousin to one of the very first Pushmataaha pieces, the Nubian Cuff. Alternating triangular and circular cabochons of matrixed turquoise and silver cuff returns, the Spearhead Cuff is a balanced beauty reminscent of Native American craftsmanship.

Stunningly pure and with a pearlescent sheen, white agate is revered for bestowing upon its wearer a sense of calm and peacefulness. In ancient times, agate was used often used to adorn breastplates destined for battle and ground the warriors who wore it. It’s cleansing, stabilising and strengthening properties make for the perfect symbol of hope in times of stress or worry. Able to harmonise imbalances of yin and yang energy, white agate also aids in seeking hidden truths.