En Tribe Cuff | Pushmataaha

$240.00 AUD

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Sterling Silver & Mother of Pearl


Perfectly paired with the Full Moon cuff or Comet cuff, two facing lapis lazuli arrows are joined by a minimal and sleek sterling silver band. Native American tribesmen believed having an arrow point to the left would ward off evil, and to the right, would promote protection of self.

Variations of shell have been used as adornment for thousands of years – mother of pearl, spiny oyster, abalone, coral, conch and clam were used by ancient Egyptians, Sumerians, and our source of inspiration – Native American Tribes. It’s believed to contain energies from the sea, enhancing clarity and mental processes, providing in periods of decision-making. Our luminescent Mother of Pearl or ‘Nacre’ shell glows vividly, capturing light and colour. Wear and invoke its guidance, heighten your intuition and impress with its radiance.